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Central California Aerial Photography
Why Choose UAV's?
UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) provide a low cost, quieter  alternative to
using typical aircraft for aerial photography.  In addition to the low cost of
operation, photographs
and videos can be taken with more precision.   
At CCAP we offer low level aerial photography to give the customer a more
unique look at their real estate.  We begin each scheduled shoot by a preflight
visit to the site for any planning that needs to be done.  A typical session
consists of as many as 30 photos per flight.  Each photo shoot is then copied to
CD-ROM and delivered to the client.  Photos are in the popular JPEG and TIFF
formats at full resolution.  Individual hard copy photographs are also available
upon request at an added cost per photo.  
What we offer
Latest News   
2/5/15 - CCAP has a new addition to the fleet.  With GPS
navigation and NIR capabilities, the new DJI
hexrotor serves as an excellent tool for farmers to determine
stressed areas in their fields, and allows for more efficient
irrigation and pesticide applications.  Commercial video options
available upon request.
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